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Short film, directed by Brandon McCall (DYS) and Kerry Patton (Company Media Group). Four students at Everyday High School quickly learn that the small, thoughtless act of one has a devastating ripple effect on the whole school. A cautionary tale to remind students to take “u” out of bullying. ~38 minutes.

The KNOWBULL Film is an original work developed by DYS’ 411 Crew to expand the reach of DYS’ KNOWBULL campaign.  KNOWBULL provides the bully, the bully’s victim and bystanders tools to remove themselves from bullying situations.

KNOWBULL Film Toolkit

The KNOWBULL FILM & TOOL KIT provides teachers and parents with information, discussion questions, and resources to help start an insightful dialogue with young people about the seriousness of bullying. The toolkit is meant to be interactive and informative to help “take ‘U’ out of bullying!”


BACKGROUND:  In 2012 The 411 Crew, DYS’ traveling performance troupe launched the KNOWBULL TOUR. The 411 Crew uses a “dramatic” approach to show youth how to apply positive choices to difficult situations. At each stop on the tour, attendees are entertained, educated and empowered on how to take “u” out of bullying. The KNOWBULL FILM is a tool that extends the reach of this dynamic program by chronicling a mini-drama taking place within the halls of Everyday High School.



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