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Our Mission

To promote high-performing education and workforce development systems in the City of Birmingham. The City of Birmingham Department of Youth Services (DYS) accomplishes this by connecting youth to opportunities through innovative, partnerships, programs and services to achieve success via a 5 prong approach.

Our History

In 1992, a Youth Advisory Commission was formed to address teen pregnancy, education and illiteracy, youth gang violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and unemployment problems affecting Birmingham’s youth population. From this Commission, Birmingham’s Division of Youth Services was created. DYS currently serves youth in Birmingham’s 99 neighborhoods, 23 communities, and 9 city council districts.

Ten years later, the SECURE Youth Task Force was commissioned to develop strategies that would help to increase opportunities for self-sufficiency, employability and the overall quality of life for youth in the City of Birmingham. SECURE is an acronym for Support, Encourage, Counsel, Understand, Respect, and Enrich. Based on the strategies outlined by the Task Force, DYS developed a comprehensive, four-pronged approach to serving youth. In 2019,  DYS added a fifth prong that addresses the needs and concerns of the community.

PRONG I:     DYS Disseminates Youth-Related Information.

PRONG II:   DYS Advocates for Youth Inclusion & Participation.

PRONG III:  DYS Maintains a Network Collaborative Partners.

PRONG IV:    DYS Provides Youth Development Programs

PRONG  V:  DYS Assists With Monitoring City-Funded Youth Initiatives.

In 2021, Mayor Randall L. Woodfin released his strategic plan for the City of Birmingham, Vision 2025.  DYS’ goal under this plan is to promote High-Performing 21st Century Education & Workforce Development Systems in the City of Birmingham in four core areas. 

  1. K-12 Support
  2. Early Education Advancement 
  3. Student Workforce Development
  4. Community Initiatives 


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