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Are you a business looking to make a meaningful impact in the community? Here’s how you can support 3rd-grade classes:

1.) Adopt A School: Make the full commitment to a school by providing both volunteer engagement and financial support this school year. Your investment is not only appreciated by the City of Birmingham, but also the young scholars who need our help.

2.) Classroom Incentives:┬áInvest in the future by providing much-needed financial resources and other incentives to 3rd-grade classrooms. Your contributions can fund essential supplies, technology, and educational programs that enrich students’ learning experiences.

3.) Volunteer Engagement: Encourage your staff to volunteer their time as reading partners or mentors. Your team’s participation can inspire young minds, cultivate a sense of community, and contribute to a constructive learning environment.

By joining hands with us, you’re not just supporting a classroom; you’re fostering a generation of learners who will shape the world. Complete the form below to explore how your business can play a pivotal role in enhancing 3rd-grade education and making a lasting difference. Please complete the form below.

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